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Products And Services

Metal Fabrication - We fabricate a wide variety of products such as pump bases, motor stands, walk and stair ways, Platforms, Shovel doors, etc. just to name a few.

Bore welding / Line Boring - We are capable of doing on and off-site line boring and bore welding.

Machine work (Bushings and Shafts) - At Montell Fabrication and rebuild we can repair shafts,  install bushings, and re-align bosses.

MIG, TIG and Stick welding of all alloys (Structural and Pipe) - We have certified welders on staff and the equipment to handle all of your welding fabrication and rebuild needs.

Plasma cutting - We can plasma cut up to 1 1/2" thick materials.

Arc-Air gouging - At both of our shops we have 500 amp machines and the capability to arc-air gouge, which is used extensively in our heavy equipment rebuilds.

Track Torch cutting - We have two track torch set-ups and are experienced in cutting from light gauge to  6" material.

Equipment rebuilding - We rebuild and modify a wide range of equipment including Shovel Buckets / Doors, Dozer blades, Grader Moldboards, and Loader Buckets. We install custom liner packages and repair or replace broken, cracked, and fatigued parts on the equipment.

Rig Welding support - We have two fully equipped Rig trucks that can come to your site and offer Welding, Gouging, Cutting, and some machine work.

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